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2015-2016 Capstone

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For the 2015-16 academic year most MEE Capstone students will be working on the Land Drone competition.  This is an internal competition where the teams will compete with their vehicles on a course set out in the woods of Maine during mud season.  This vehicle will be required to compete reagardless of the terrain.  A complete description is available here: (LINK)
Land Drone
Competition Site
Initial Description

Overall Materials

email all the land drone teams

Amphibious Drone
Land Drone 1
Thomas Applegate, Nate Faessler, Alec Parent, Andrew Guillimete
email team 1

Land Drone 2
Brady Goodwin, Greg O’Connor, Kenneth Howard, Josh Breedy
email team 2

Land Drone 3
Shane Corbett, Sam Favreau, Erika Morin
email team 3

Land Drone 4
Joshua Delong, Blaine Livingston, Logan Good
email team 4

Land Drone 5
Michael Bleier, Sarah Small, Joshua Boucher, Mike Freeman
email team 5

Land Drone 6
Aaron Ortiz, John Parent, Eric Laplante, Holden Turner
email team 6

Land Drone 7
Michael Sprayberry, John Woodill, Michael Herbert, Gabe Elliot
email team 7

Land Drone 8
Zach Boucher,Evan Campbell, Cameron Guild, Gordon Potter
email team 8

Land Drone 9
Marc Albert, Sam Blauvelt, Devin Hyora, Benjamin Sirois
email team 9

Land Drone 10
Russ Caligiuri, Connor Logan, Michael Guidosh, Jonathan Porier
email team 10
Clean Snowmobile


Ryan Cullen, Erin Eldridge, Camerin Seigars, Jack Briggs

Initial Description
email group

CNG Intake Manifold
William Barker, Benjamin Hackett, Tucker Walsh, Jordan Brown
Initial Description
email group

Food, Agriculture and Water

Dewatering and Drying for Food Security
Sarah Caron, Hilary Buntrock, Michael Angus, Mark Schrader
Initial Description
email group

Smart Module Desalination
Mostafa Alaseel, Ayman Alsuruj, Stephen Goulet, Michael Degou
Initial Description
email group

Conor Elridge, Charlie Harvey, Jade Baumrind, Meagan Lewis, Brent Thomas
Initial Descritption
email group

Heat, Power and Energy

Energy Efficiency In Maine
William Yori, Jerel Williams,John Herlihy, Tanner Caron

Initial Description
email group


Wind Tunnel

Structure: Jordan Hall, Mike Choiniere, Marissa Caskin

Instumentation:Tyler Martin
, Michael O'Connor, Benjamin Young

Initial Description
email group

Land Drone/Robot Dyno
Initial Description
Robots and Controls

Land Drone
Initial Description

Josh Kovach, Kai Whitehead, Matt Cartmell, Zach Fehlau
email group

Alex Wirth, Whitney Yates, Haley Michaud
email group

Masha Heath, Jesse Newcomb, Amber Gates
email group

Initial Description

Autonomous Boat
Christopher Derr, Ben Dickinson, Riley Mattor, Tamara Thompson
Initial Description
email group