Design of mechanical engineering systems components, including problem definition, analysis, synthesis and optimization. MEE487, Fall only, MEE488 Spring only.


If you have a disability for which you may be requesting an accommodation, please contact either your instructor or Ann Smith, Director of Disability Services in East Annex, 581-2319, as early as possible in the term.

Please discuss your concerns with me in general, this is a different style of class which may result in social challenges and anxiety, I am happy to work with you on resolving these issues.

Financial: this class has no text book although you are encouraged to set aside the money normally spent on a text book for incidental expenses.  Each team will typically incur at least the cost of a text book in small parts that are difficult to reimburse and should be considered a part of the educational expenses of the class.  Large purchases and most expenses will be covered as a part of the class.





David G. Ullman, The Mechanical Design Process, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1997.


To culminate the undergraduate mechanical engineering degree with a realistic design experience.  The class looks at projects that reinforce the basic concepts of the undergraduate curriculum while allowing students independence and creative problem solving opportunities.  All students are required to work in teams and within the course guidelines so as to maximize the interpersonal and planning experience as a part of the class.


MEE 231, Thermodynamics II, MEE 381, Design II, MEE432 Heat Transfer



To accomplish the above objectives, the design team will actively participate in each of these activities.

If in the opinion of team members, an individual has not adequately contributed to the team efforts, appropriate adjustments will be made. All team peer evaluations will be documented.

  General timing, for dates see milestones on web pages.

Fall Deliverable Date Audience
Design Proposal First week Engineering manager
 Milestones First week Engineering manager
Initial Web Page Third week Public
Design Notebook Ongoing Next years team
Time and Effort Sheets Ongoing Administrator
Final Fall Milestones and semester objectives Ongoing Manager
Oral Design Review Final exam week Class and Manager
Electronic Mid-year Report End of semester Public
Spring Deliverables    
Updated Proposal First week Engineering manager
Design Notebook Ongoing  Next years team
Time and Effort Sheets Ongoing Administrator
Operational Review Competition or end of term Judges and class
Final Milestones and objectives April 20 Manager
Infrastructure Project Maine Day Next year design class
Design Review After Maine Day Engineering manager
Final Web Page End of semester Public
Electronic Report End of semester Next years team


Engineering Design - 100% (3 cr. hrs)


Assignment of letter grades are a necessary university requirement that leaves much to be desired. Grades are interpreted in many different ways. In an ideal world students and faculty would worry far less about letter grades and much more about the quality of the learning experience. However, we don't live in an ideal world. Therefore, for the purposes of this class students can use the following industry evaluation as a guide to their interpretation. If you wish to question your grade please understand what it means in light of these definitions, and be prepared to defend your request for a review of your grade.

A = Substantial mastery of the subject matter:

Mistakes in concept or application are rare. Ability to deal at the highest conceptual level in both the cognitive and affective realm of technical and non-technical fields. Ability to formulate, translate and express ideas in both technical and non-technical language and thought patterns. Self-motivated, self-critical, self-learning; leads others; seeks and accomplishes beyond expected requirements.

B = Moderate mastery of the subject matter:

Mistakes in concept or application are not common. Ability to deal at a high conceptual level in both the cognitive and affective realm of technical and non-technical fields with at least modest competence. Ability to formulate and express ideas in technical languages and thought patterns, and to understand ideas expressed in non-technical language and thought patterns. When directed or encouraged by others, can criticize and evaluate own work, learn independently, direct group effort, extend and amplify assigned work.

C = Competent grasp of subject matter:

Mistakes in concept or application are not serious or frequent enough to endanger life or property. Usually can be relied on to produce sound, competent work under supervision, and to express the results in technical language. Limited ability to deal with abstractions and evaluations of technical material or higher level non-technical ideas. Can accomplish assigned work but has difficulty in self-criticism, independent study, setting directions for others or self. Exhibits the minimum level of performance acceptable in professional practice.

D = Some grasp of subject matter:

Mistakes in concepts or applications are serious or frequent enough to endanger life or property. Should work in the subject area only under close supervision. Cannot be relied upon to clearly and precisely express technical ideas or to comprehend collegiate level ideas from non-technical areas. Should not be allowed to graduate with any significant number of weaknesses of this magnitude, especially in the major discipline.

F = Inadequate grasp of the subject matter:

Serious mistakes in concepts or applications. Sufficiently incompetent that an attempt to do engineering work or to use knowledge in the subject area would constitute a hazard to the public. Formulation and expression of ideas in any realm are below good collegiate standards and inadequate for effective communication. Should not be allowed to graduate in any discipline without remedying the deficiency.


You are expected to turn in a time sheet every week.  The time sheet is due by 5 pm Friday.  You will be graded on attendance and effort.  Late time sheets will be "discounted".

Missed milestones will impact your grade.

This is a performance and attendance based class.