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2016-2017 Capstone

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Land Drone
Land Drone
Initial Description

For the 2016-17 academic year most MEE Capstone students will be working on the Land Drone competition.  This is an internal competition where the teams will compete with their vehicles on a course set out in the woods of Maine during mud season.  This vehicle will be required to compete regardless of the terrain.  A complete description is available here: (LINK)

Competition vehicles and information from the 2016 machines are on the competition web site
Land Drone 2015-2016

The 2016-17 teams

Group 1 Web Page, photo , email
Daniel Fortier, Michael Lyons, Patrick Dumas, Daniel Galante
Group 2 Web Page, photo , email
Dylan Hanscom, Donald Bistri, Cameron, Poussard, Maitham Alabbad
Group 3 Web Page, photo, email
Shane Cyr, Spencer Bernier, Gregory Smiddy, Kaitlyn SeeHusen
Group 4 Web Page, photo , email
Adam Letourneau, Andrew Lamson, Paul-Jacob Richmond, William West
Group 5 Web Page, photo , email
Dean Walker, Devin Ballard, Kevin Bois, Justin Ladner
Group 6 Web Page, photo , email
Ross Brown, Jacob Diamanti, Richard Michaud, Andrew Schluntz
Group 7 Web Page, photo , email
Samuel Pierce, Forrest Tripp, Graham Garland, Sean Buchanan
Group 8 Web Page, photo , email
Brendon Dyer, Michael Linehan, Anthony Verzoni, Christian Harvie
Group 9 Web Pagephoto , email
Sam Maxim, Ryan Schermer, Vincent Caccese, Chris Hillier
Group 10 Web Site, photo, email
Troy Kumar, Ethan Ridge, Corey McLaughlin, Matt Taplin
Group 11 Web Page, photo , email
Alexander Roberts, Andrew Roberts, Michael Supp
Group 12 Web Page, photo , email
Zachary Elders, Joseph Slattery, Jacob Johns
Group 13 Web Page, photo , email
Jacob Theriault, Sam Stilwell, Aaron French, Shawn Soucie
Group 14 Web Page, photo , email
Tyson Girsa, Jared Cox, Wade Thurlow
Group 15 Web Page, photo , email
John Golder, Geoff Nye, Robert Alex Moore, Sean Murphy

Airplanes &


Web Page
Initial Description
Jenn Seneres, Devin White, Frank Rice, Colin Luce



NASA HIAD Controls

Web Page
email group
Nathan Roscoe, Stephen Halter, Donald Martin

Clean Snowmobile

Web page
Project History
Zachary Prentiss, Eric Stuckey, Mitchell Burgess, Dick Cameron, Noah Nygren, Chris Longley, Benjamin Chelberg, Tia Perry


Bone Remodeling
Web Page
Allan Walsh, Ryan Green, Jordan Lang, Samuel Inman
email group
Initial Description

Heat, Power and Energy

Modernization of the American multi-blade windmill

Group 1: Anthony Kingston, Petar Filipov, Christopher Roderick, Kevin Clark

Web Page

Group 2: Ryan Edwards, Antonio Naranja, Bradley Seekins, Hunter Andreasen

Web Page

Group 3: Erick Coyle, Caraline Konz, Devon Biggie

Web Page

Initial Description

Comfort Appliance

Justin McDermott, William Bauld, David Kelly, Benjamin Koehler
Web Page
email group
Initial Description

Wave Energy Measurements

Web Page
email group
Jesse Holland, Jordan Cyr, Duy Vo

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