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2005 Competition
Scoring Results

Advanced Snowmobile Fairing
Kate Charles Trevor Jenkins William Kyle Spratt Steven Cook
Modeling and Clutching
Aaron Phinney Steve Geller
Dynamometer Controls
Ryan Crawford Brian Parent Craig Michaud
Engine Electronics
Adam McNaughton Corey Hibbard Christopher Richards Mike Peabbles

Human Powered Submarine
Joshua Gale David Cote Joseph Seneca Michael Alberico

Human Powered Ground Vehicle

Nicholas Charles

Mike Robinson

Richard Nye

Douglas Dow

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Dominique Carriveau

Derrick Brown

James Clark

Thermo-Fluid Design Groups

HVAC System Redesign for 60,000 sq ft Office Building

Harold Mason Craig LaPlant Brian Martel

Design of a Wild Blueberry Freezer for Blueberry Hill Farm


Erik Clark Michael Mobarry

Design a Solar Electric System for Residences in Africa

Aaron Sirois

Design a Compact, Convenient to Use Solar Cooker

Lura Griffin Ethan Brush Suzanne George Emily Fogg

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