MEE101: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Office Hours

Monday 2pm to 3:30pm 208 Boardman

Wednesday 2pm to 2:50pm 208 Boardman

If I am not immediately available at these times please check in 102 Crosby, my lab.

If these times do not work email me at

Homework Schedule

assignment #1 email, print, sign and place in my mailbox in mechanical engineering office -- Due 4:30 pm on September 24, 2012


Memo for proposing testing of the rocket. This is not an MEE101 assignment but is an assignment for the ECP101 class. Deadline will be set by ECP instructor

assignment #2

group assignment to be completed in class in a group of 4 people. See questions for lecture 3 on web page

assignment #3

Reply to email on preferred style of lecture, see account for email. Email style must be consistent with lecture guidelines or it will be returned.



This is a performance and attendance based class.