Test results letter

This is the second writing deliverable for ECP101 which is associated with the MEE101 Rocket Project. In this memo the result of the testing from the rocket will be communicated to the customer. In this case the customer is interested in knowing the height of the payload and the maximum accelerations which will be experienced in the launch. In this way their payload system can be designed for the lift vehicle and they will understand the altitude capability for the launch vehicle.

Key elements of the assignment:

1) You must write this memo for a non-specialist technically sophisticated audience in mind. These are people who do not work as rocket launch specialists, but they are comfortable with basic calculus and ideas associated with introductory physics.

2) You should present the information with the customer in mind. They do not care about benefits of the project to you or your company, they are interested in the demands associated with lifting a payload to the required altitude.

3) The results need to be credible, the presentation of data in visually appealing form and with clear labels is critical. The trust your results more if they understand how you got them and you do not "whitewash" any limitations In addition to the text the graphs of the data need to show the peak acceleration and the trajectory of the rocket with clear labels on the plots.

4) The letter must be succinct. Few projects warrant more than 1 to 1 1/2 pages of text, the plots will be in addition to this text. In this case the target audience is willing to spend money, but their time is money as well, so tell the story clearly and make sure they understand the way in which your work will benefit them.

Additional details of the assignment will be provided in ECP101.