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cheap coach outlet not line will eventually reach a balance in terms of cost. Moreover, the brand communication, product display also need both to different ways to penetrate into the consumer's life scenes. The retail industry has been around for thousands of years. Mankind used a very long time, the peddler into Zuoshang, sold by the lug to sell into sitting. Today, the emergence of mobile Internet, there are Zuohang change back to the trend line. The first is the consumer does not move, the burden of selling things to carry people around; the middle of the shop does not move, buy people to the store getting goods; now the state is moving consumers, stores are moving. In this regard, the business of business time, space has been an infinite extension, also let retail become omnipresent. We have been saying that the transformation of traditional enterprises still have to return to the commercial nature. We have always believed that the transition is not to move away from the familiar areas, but to understand the new rules coach bags outlet

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coach outlet store the temple to find new partners, the use of new tools, the original products (services) do better - Better time, you were eliminated. We men in the overall business ideas, through the retail transformation, strengthening the style of goods, sub-label services using different segments of consumers, stronger men's trousers, a business men's collar to find the brand. We are not limited to the men's business, we long-term determined to build the elite life (middle class) fashion industry group, aimed at consumer upgrade market, covering clothing, health, sports, culture, entertainment. Industry groups, the target consumer is unified, as a 'concentric diversification', through industry consolidation, resource sharing, fan drainage, brand dividends, build a complete fashion industry chain. At present, we mainly through not with industry investment institutions to set up a fund to carry out the way of industrial investment layout. In the past year, our investment targets have not been in the capital market. We are more and coach purses outlet

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coach handbags outlet more familiar with the relevant industries in accordance with the strategy of setting targets in 5/161 of the 2015 Annual Report. . Standing on the outlet, the pig can fly up, this sentence widely circulated in the circle. But we are right on the wind up the pigs, in fact, remain vigilant. In today's society, both individuals stand the chance of fame, but also the ever-green business opportunities. Both individuals and businesses, and are in the era of change, are together: not only have the opportunity to lead a stable political and social life, more opportunities to experience the cruel law of the jungle market. Competition on the stage, surrounded by jungle, powerful enemies, the result is unknown, to see their strength is not wisdom. Our business, in the face of numerous market changes will remain sober, do not forget the beginning of the heart, always adhere to. Search replication Spring and summer of 2015, New York Fashion Week (The Big Apple's Spring Summer) in this week swept through New York, although the coach factory outlet

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